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Price Match Guarantee

La Manga Dreams Price Match Guarantee

Whenever you book any holiday apartment or villa rental with lamangadreams website we want to make sure you get the very best deal possible.

To make sure of this, we offer a Price Match which is your guarantee that you never paying too much for any of our holiday apartments or villas.

The Price Match is simple. We are confident that we offer the lowest holiday apartment & villa prices available online in the La Manga , Mar Menor , Cotsa Calida area and to back this up we will refund the difference if you find your holiday apartment or villa cheaper on any other UK website within 7 days of booking your apartment or villa w ith us.

Terms and Conditions

The Price Match applies only to internet sites that have the identical holiday apartments or villas immediately available and the service is priced accurately.

Price Match requests are for bookings made online only, and must be submitted to us within 7 days of your purchase on our website.

Any price match holiday apartment or villa must actually be available to book live and must include any handling charges, booking fees, credit card fees and the like. We cannot match the price of any apartment or villa rentals purchased including money off coupons, promotional vouchers or offers or bulk-buy discounts.

We will only price match a better price for the same holiday apartment or villa advertised on any uk web site

To request a Price Match, email accounts@lamangadreams.co.uk and remember to include: the URL of the website where the holiday is cheaper.

We will review the details of your Price Match request and reply to you via email within 7 working days.

Refunds will be recredited to the original method used to make your online purchase within 14 days.

It?s not just the history of Mucia that attracts many visitors to this region, it also boasts a spectacular coastline and one of the most famous of its stretches is ?The La Manga Strip?. This unique up and coming area situated on the Costa Calida or The Warm Coast is an ideal location for sea lovers and with the Mar Menor on one side and the Mediterranean on the other it almost feels like an island.

La Manga has something for everyone: for those who wish to bask in the sun, for those who are hungry for action and want to partake in its abundance of water sport activities such as water skiing, fishing and scuba diving, and for those keen golfers who can make the most of La Manga?s famous Golf and County Club!

As the sun sets over the horizon, you can enjoy the serenity of the scene over a glass of wine before heading to the vibrant atmosphere of the La Manga bars and restaurants. Or, feel free to linger and be hypnotised by the lights shimmering over the mill pond, The Mar Menor.

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